Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello, Autumn....

My favorite season, Autumn, is in full swing. Here at the Reif Haus, the interns and I are busy organizing and cleaning up after the frenzy of fall '09 production, and planning for our next collection. So excited! Fall '10 so far is looking very cozy.... luxurious sweater knits and wool jerseys, and lots and lots of layering.

I'm continually inspired by vintage military fashion, because of its emphasis on form and function, so some elements of that will likely show up as well.

Before things get crazy again, I'm also taking some time out for myself, to complete a few projects I've been putting off for too long.

1) Winter knitting - I'm working on a circle scarf and a winter hat. Maybe they'll show up in my fall collection, who knows?

2) Setting up a textile show at the Fresh Pot here in Portland. I moonlight as a barista, and also curate the art shows. I'm in search of amazing textile artists - geometric quilts, etc. Any suggestions would be most helpful!

3) Working on some re-branding, a new and updated website, as well as new labels.

Images from We Heart It.

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