Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been a long time.

DAAAAANG! So an entire summer just went by (and then some) since I last posted on this blog. Woopsie! Life kept me pretty busy this summer, but now things are starting to return to normal. Don't let my blogging absence make you think that I haven't been working hard. Quite the contrary, actually.

1. New Studio. Its rad, I'll post pics soon.

2. New Intern. Janine, she's been a big help!

3. New collection for Fall '10! Photos should be up soon. This collection has actually been in stores for a month or two, but I've been sewing like crazy to fill orders and haven't had much time for the internet.

Here's a video from Portland's Fashion Night Out, which happened September 10th. FNO has been happening for years now in other cities such as New York and LA, and now Portland has joined the ranks, choosing to promote sustainability in fashion. I was interviewed by Casey Hatfield from NetGreen News about the event and about my latest collection.

The Portland Mercury also interviewed me for the event. You can find that here.

I promise to keep up on blogging from now on, so please check back often! I've got photos from photo shoot colabs and so much more for you in the coming weeks.