Monday, November 30, 2009

Spring/Summer '10 Preview

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share with you all a preview of my Spring/Summer '10 Collection. Just a sneak get you excited.

Some of my favorites are the Suit Yourself Bustier and the Open Road Jacket, available in Organic Cotton twill. Also the Kiss and Tell Shorts, a tap style short, in black, flora (the best floral print ever), and mauve.

This collection has been picked up by a few new stores, here they are. I'm so thankful for all of my wholesale accounts, old and new.

Frank James - Portland, Oregon

Zschoche - Newport Beach, CA

La Rousse - Online, but based out of Seattle, WA

Also, as always, everything will be available on my online store.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inspiration of the Week: Colorful Accessories

I love neutrals. Perhaps a bit too much. My closet is a sea of grey, black, tan, and navy, and these are the colors that I use as the foundation for my collections.

It's not that I don't like colors - I'm just picky. I do admire people who do great things with color in their outfits. Props to them, but that will simply never be my style.

My favorite way to incorporate a little bit of color into a wardrobe is with punchy accessories. I will always have a soft spot for red shoes, colorful bracelets and scarves. Above is one of my favorite looks, courtesy of Hel-Looks. I love everything about this girl's style, but most of all the amazing turquoise shoes!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everybody!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh So Domestic...

Autumn is the season that I look forward to the most because it gives me time to actually finish the projects I've been putting off. I want to do nothing more than make art projects, cook/bake delicious things, listen to records, and watch old TV shows on the internet.

As promised, I'm dedicating this post to projects I have recently completed, as well as some that I will be embarking on in the future (like baking pie).

Here are my string art pieces that I just finished yesterday:

I picked up these vintage string art frames a couple of years ago, and just now got around to actually doing something with them. I love the sturdy wood frames and their unique shapes. I used beige twine (the kind of stuff you'd tie up a turkey with) and dyed it shades of grey, black, and navy. What can I say - I'm a sucker for neutrals!

The second, larger frame I wanted to use a backdrop for some of my vintage photo collection. I have a thing for vintage photos of people that I don't know. It's so eerie and beautiful to glimpse into the lives of complete strangers. I think it turned out well - what do you think?

Here is the hat I just finished knitting. It took me two days and about ten episodes of Twin Peaks to finish it. I'm kind of obsessive and impatient when it comes to knitting - I see something and I want it NOW. That's the plus side of sewing vs. knitting - much more instant gratification. But exercising my patience is good for me sometimes...

The hat turned out too big, so I got it wet and put it in the dryer for about 30 minutes and.... PERFECTION! There is a cute eyelet design near the top, but it's hard for me to get a detail shot. I'm asking Santa for a new digital camera so I can take real pictures instead of having to rely on my laptop camera.

Oh, and can you believe that Thanksgiving is in ONE WEEK?! The holiday season sure snuck up on me this year - it feels like summer was only yesterday, and the end of 2009 is almost here. This year I'm taking on the challenge of Thanksgiving desert for about 16-20 people. I'm thinking Pumpkin Pie and Persimmon Pudding.

I'd love to hear your favorite Thanksgiving desert recipes!

Until Next Time....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lindsey featured on Urban Weeds

Awesome Portland Street Style blog Urban Weeds caught up with me in front of the Fresh Pot (where I also work) a couple of weeks ago. The took some photos and asked me what inspires my style.

Despite the stereotype of Oregonians in their performance fleece and hiking boots, there are so many Portlanders with great style, and Urban Weeds does a great job of showing it off!

I'm planning a bigger post tomorrow, with some diy projects I've been working on. Check back - it'll be a goodie!

Here's a hint.... (Photo from WeHeartIt)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Inspiration: Geometric shapes and natural elements

Right now I'm working on re-branding Reif, and am planning to launch an updated website in January or February. Here are some things that are inspiring me like crazy right now. All images from WeHeartIt.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Some things that I'm currently obsessed with...

1. Rachel Comey ankle boots - Available at Stand Up Comedy. Too bad they're sold out of my size...

2. Installation by Genevieve Dellinger at last month's Content '09 event. That quilt is made from Pendleton wool - yum. I want this to be my bedroom.

3. Leather backpack by Ora, made from recycled leather in Vancouver, BC. Available for purchase at Nouvelle, Nouvelle.

4. Woven knot rug by Portland designer Hazel Cox. This was her installation at Content '09, and she tells me these rugs will be available for sale in February. I need one.

5. I want to be these ladies. Love matching friends! Photo via here.

Stay tuned for a small blog re-vamp this weekend! I'll hopefully be blogging on a regular schedule this week as well, so check back often.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello, Autumn....

My favorite season, Autumn, is in full swing. Here at the Reif Haus, the interns and I are busy organizing and cleaning up after the frenzy of fall '09 production, and planning for our next collection. So excited! Fall '10 so far is looking very cozy.... luxurious sweater knits and wool jerseys, and lots and lots of layering.

I'm continually inspired by vintage military fashion, because of its emphasis on form and function, so some elements of that will likely show up as well.

Before things get crazy again, I'm also taking some time out for myself, to complete a few projects I've been putting off for too long.

1) Winter knitting - I'm working on a circle scarf and a winter hat. Maybe they'll show up in my fall collection, who knows?

2) Setting up a textile show at the Fresh Pot here in Portland. I moonlight as a barista, and also curate the art shows. I'm in search of amazing textile artists - geometric quilts, etc. Any suggestions would be most helpful!

3) Working on some re-branding, a new and updated website, as well as new labels.

Images from We Heart It.