Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Day Ever...

On Wednesday I took some time out from my massive to-do list to head out to Breitenbush Hot Springs with my bff Clarity. I've been shipping out orders like crazy and getting ready to launch my fall '10 collection, as well as dealing with a lot of personal stress, so the soak in the springs was much needed. Breitenbush is really cool, I would love to go back and stay there for a few days in one of the cabins. It reminds me of 70's hippie summer camp - the "lodge" had all kinds of folk art on the walls and they only serve vegetarian food there.

It was raining lightly while we were there, which felt really good when we were in the soaking pools. I love Oregon. We're so lucky and spoiled here to have such natural beauty all around us and to have places like Breitenbush so close to the city. The drive home was not quite as awesome though, because Clarity and I were both totally zoned out and relaxed, and that isn't the best state of mind to be in on a dark, windy road in the rain. We listened to Joni Mitchell on the way home, which couldn't have been more perfect.

Now, it's back to the grindstone! Images from WeHeartIt and scans from the book "Quilting & Patchwork" that I found at Goodwill recently.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feelin' the Love...

Hey everybody! I am in the middle of production for Spring '10, and trying to organize a photoshoot and finish samples for Fall '10, so I really should NOT be blogging, or doing anything else besides sewing, really. But I wanted to tell you that styles from our Fall '09 collection are marked up to 50% off in both the Etsy shop and on our online store. Exciting, huh? Get yourself a warm pullover, a cute skirt, or a tuxedo romper before it's too late. All of my designs are limited run, so get them while you can.

I'll be spending this Valentine's day sewing and crushing out on my friends and how mind-blowingly awesome they are. I hope your V-Day is full of love, too, whether friend love or otherwise. I'm still holding out for a secret admirer to sweep me off my feet, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Images from WeHeartIt.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today was a beautiful day here in Portland. This winter has been unusually dry and full of sunshine-y days, which I am not complaining about at all. The rainy Pacific NW climate is much milder than the snowy one that I grew up in, but the perma- soggy socks and pant cuffs get to be kind of a drag after a while. Most of our winter days are notoriously grey, so on the few days that we do get sunshine everyone in the city seems to be in a great mood. Here are some of the things that make me happy all the time, even when the sun isn't shining:

1. Tweed Bike Ride

I'm sad that I heard about this event after the fact! Portland has tons of themed bike rides, but I think this is my favorite one so far. The 1st Annual Tweed Ride was held on January 30th, starting at Skidmore Fountain. Riders dressed up in their finest tweeds, and biked a 14 mile route that ended in a tea party and luncheon. Beyond adorable! After seeing some of the photos from the event, I must say I'm very impressed by how dapper everyone looked - there was some really great fashion happening. I especially love these shots, which were taken by BikeRanger.

2. Succulents

I decided to make a succulent garden the other day after finding this really pretty open glass jar at Goodwill. I have always loved succulents, not only because of the way they look, but also because I'm lazy and don't water my plants as often as I should. This was really easy to make - just get some succulent soil mix, gravel, and whatever plants and rocks you want!

3. La Photo Cabine

La Photo Cabine is a super cute French website that uses the web cam on your computer to take four photos of you, and they come out looking like old photo booth photos. It reminds me of Amelie! Here is the one I took today, while drinking coffee out of my favorite mug of all time that says "Sewing forever, housework whenever".

4. These shoes.

Hopefully they will be en route to my doorstep very soon. Available at Nasty Gal Vintage. At the rate I'm going, it won't be long before I need an entire closet just for shoes. So addicted!

5. Aerial views.

I found this image at Them Thangs. It reminds me of being on an airplane as a kid and looking down at the earth and seeing the patchwork patterns formed by fields growing different colors of grains, and the roads and rivers dividing them, almost as if they were the stitching on a quilt.

6. Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane

I think I've listened to this record at least 20 times in the past week. This is my favorite song from the album - so beautiful, so haunting.

Also, this one is pretty great.

Alright, its time for this girl to go to bed. Stay tuned, I'm updating the Etsy Shop in the next few days with some exclusive experimental garments - most involving either lace or sheer fabric (!) so start saving your pennies.

I want to hear about some of the things that make YOU happy!