Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save the Date....

Be sure not to miss this sale - clearance items from over 50 Portland boutiques and designers. Huge discounts on great clothing! Get there early, the best deals sell out fast.

I know it's 1000 degrees outside....

...but the time you'll spend cooped up in the AC will give you plenty of time to plan your fall wardrobe purchases.

Stop by the Online Shop to take advantage of the fall/holiday pre-order period, which lasts until August 15th.

You'll receive 10% off the price everyone else will pay when the collection hits stores. Here's how it works: Email me, tell me what style/size/color you'd like, then there is a 50% deposit, which is payable through PayPal. Your item will ship out on September 1st, and you'll be billed for the rest of the amount at that time.

Don't miss the opportunity to score some cool fall threads at a discounted price, before the season even starts!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't mess with me, I'll cut you...

That's how I feel when I wear my new necklace-in-progress.

The necklace was inspired by a piece from Ann Demeulemeester, an influential Belgian designer known for creating dark, gothic inspired clothing.

I stumbled across the necklace on the Fashion Flux blog and soon became obsessed. Because I am sure the Demeulemeester necklaces are a bit out of my price range, I decided to try making my own.

First, I found a small pair of scissors. Ideally I would like some that are even smaller, maybe some lovely crane scissors. Then, I spray painted them black with a matte finish. I can't really open them, which is a bummer, but they sure do look pretty.

The original pair have the tips painted white, which in my opinion is a great design element because it makes the scissors not look so harsh. The eye is not drawn to the sharp point, but rather to the handle detail.

I haven't figured out what kind of chain I want it on yet, I'm thinking brass chain with leather, I might hit up my friend Emily Baker to see if she has something that will go with it.

Sorry for the terrible photo, my digital camera was a casualty to a water spill in my purse and no longer works. Mac Photo Booth will do in a pinch, I guess.

Even though it's not finished yet, I still love it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspiration Board: Spring 2010

Here are some images that I have been inspired by as I've been working on new designs. S/S '10 photo shoot happened yesterday. I'm really pleased with how the collection turned out, and shoot went off without a hitch. I'll post a couple of teasers as soon as I get the photos, and the full collection will debut at the Pool trade show in August.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bikes - transportation or fashion accessory?

Urban Outfitters is now selling custom bikes on their website. Does this seem kind of weird to anyone else? It's good that they are promoting biking, although I get the feeling they are just jumping on the "hipster fixed gear" band wagon and selling the bikes as the coolest new accessory.

You can get it custom built for just under $400.

Here's the link, check it out for yourself.

Monday, July 13, 2009

New online store!

I decided to switch things up and try out a new online storefront, this time with The site is designed for clothing designers, bands, or anyone who needs a place to set up shop. I found it really easy to use, and it looks pretty slick, too.

Check it out! Should be linked up to the website soon!