Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tell them I don't smoke cigars.....

I'm about to start designing a new collection for Fall '11. I've decided to take a season off to refocus and recharge, but I can't wait to get started on some new garments. My muse for this collection is Bonnie Parker, a lady who I feel like really embodies the woman I design for. She's tough, yet still very ladylike. She provided the sex appeal to Bonnie and Clyde, and without her I doubt the couple would be as infamous as they are.

Here are some images of Bonnie herself, as well as some of Faye Dunnaway in her 1970's portrayal of Ms. Parker.

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been a long time.

DAAAAANG! So an entire summer just went by (and then some) since I last posted on this blog. Woopsie! Life kept me pretty busy this summer, but now things are starting to return to normal. Don't let my blogging absence make you think that I haven't been working hard. Quite the contrary, actually.

1. New Studio. Its rad, I'll post pics soon.

2. New Intern. Janine, she's been a big help!

3. New collection for Fall '10! Photos should be up soon. This collection has actually been in stores for a month or two, but I've been sewing like crazy to fill orders and haven't had much time for the internet.

Here's a video from Portland's Fashion Night Out, which happened September 10th. FNO has been happening for years now in other cities such as New York and LA, and now Portland has joined the ranks, choosing to promote sustainability in fashion. I was interviewed by Casey Hatfield from NetGreen News about the event and about my latest collection.

The Portland Mercury also interviewed me for the event. You can find that here.

I promise to keep up on blogging from now on, so please check back often! I've got photos from photo shoot colabs and so much more for you in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Redecorating the Reif Haus

There's been a lot of transition and change in my life lately, most recently regarding my living situation. Right now I live in a house with four other housemates, three of which are moving out in the next couple of months for various reasons, such as going to grad school, pursuing life in the big city, and moving in with a significant other. I'm sad about loosing these housemates and friends, because this is by far the best communal living situation I've had in Portland, but I'm excited for the change and transition its bringing to my own life as well. I've got some rad new roomies lined up to move in, and I am also downsizing to a smaller room in the house, so to offset the cost of the new work studio I'll be moving into next week (so excited about that). Its going to be such a relief to finally be able to separate my home from my work. Maybe I'll come home and actually READ A BOOK or something, instead of having my work in front of me all the time and feeling guilty about all the things I SHOULD be doing. Guilt is probably the only thing I learned in college - you should always be working on something or reading ahead instead of enjoying yourself.

I took some time out last week to redecorate my living room, which after the departure of one of my housemates, was left with nothing but a rug and a bike pump. So depressing. I've been spending too much time in my room and not enough in my living room, and with the new smaller room I hope that will change. Now I feel good about the space and I actually sit in the living room and do computing, rather than hiding upstairs.

I found some really cool decorating items at thrift stores this week. In fact, it was probably the biggest thrifting score I've had in a long time. Ah, retail therapy! I found this cool stained glass pyramid thing, and this myrtle wood bowl and white ceramic twigs.

I also found science beakers, a wooden shoe form, and these cool hot pads (at least thats what i intend to use them for. I also bought my first ever living room furniture - a Barcelona chair and ottoman that I scored at a rad deal from a friend.

Most of the other decor I already had - the air plants, old photographs and wall hangings. I'm so excited to actually use the space, and am looking forward to the distraction of redecorating my new bedroom and studio. I'll post photos. If you thought that fashion blogs were distracting, try decorating blogs. I've been pouring over them for the past week looking for ideas.

Soft Metals

A couple of weeks ago Patricia Hall from the Portland-based electronic duo Soft Metals asked me to help out with wardrobe styling for a promotional photoshoot. I have seen Soft Metals play several times and I knew that some of the pieces I made for the Mercury show would look really great on Patricia and fit well with their music. I haven't made any menswear in a while, however, so for Ian's wardrobe I just went over to his house and went through his closet. It turned out super well, if I do say so myself!

The photography was done by Jamen Lee, whose work I was introduced to for the first time right before the shoot took place. I was super impressed with his work! I love some of the double exposure stuff he does. He did this shoot all in analog, with some black and white and some color film.

I used some of the custom jewelry made by Emily Baker in the shoot as well. We went to several locations around Cathedral Park in Portland, underneath the Saint Johns Bridge, which I must say is my favorite out of all of the twelve bridges in the city.

It was a pleasure to work with all of them, and I hope to do it again soon! I'm talking with Soft Metals about making some custom garb for them to perform in. Speaking of performing, if you're in Portland, check them out on June 11th at Mississippi Studios!

Open Season Video

I found this video from the fashion show. I was hoping that someone had gotten footage, because I didn't get to see the show at all because I was frantically running around.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open Season Fashion Show

Hey friends!

The fashion show on Friday was a success, and I've been enjoying some free time and much needed rest this week. I just got some photos back from the show - so exciting! Thanks to all the lovely ladies who modeled for me and to Clarity and Anna for helping me out backstage. Everyone looked great, and the only thing that went wrong was a strap popped off of one the dresses, but Nicki worked it anyways. Also thanks to the amazing Emily Baker of Sword + Fern for making some custom jewelry for the show. Maybe I'll post some photos just of the jewelry soon, they are truly amazing.

These photos are courtesy of Roll 35 and Chloe Richard.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are the Happy Haus.

We definitely have much to be happy about this week at the Reif Haus. On Friday, May 7th we'll be showing alongside 10 other talented Portland designers at the annual Mercury fashion show.

I'll be showing mostly pieces from our Spring '10 collection, along with a few new garments to round things out, including an evening gown! I want to give the viewer a glimpse of what was inspiring me when designing this collection. For me inspiration is a very general statement, and I'll often start with one direct inspiration and when the collection is finished it that inspiration only is visible on a subtle level. So this time around I'm pulling out all the stops and letting Portland know what's up.

Karen Vitt from the Neat Sheet did a nice write-up of the show which is available here.

Here is a little hint of what is in store:

See you on Friday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring '10 on Etsy!

Hello, Kittens (I've been reading too much Tom & Lorenzo apparently).

I just uploaded the first round of Springtime goodies to my etsy shop. Check it out here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

INK Magazine shoot

The Spring 2010 issue of INK Magazine was just released today, and we couldn't be happier! The Open Road Motorcycle Jacket was featured as the centerfold spread, as well as the Suit Yourself Bustier and Skirt - this is the first time any of my garments have been published outside of Portland. I'm so stoked! Click the link above to see the whole issue, or for those of you who are impatient here are the images they published:

Thanks to the team from INK for being so supportive of emerging designers! Portland labels Bridge and Burn and Kate Towers are also featured.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I just realized that its been a while since I've blogged. So much has been going on here lately that I just haven't had the time. We're almost finished with Spring '10 production, and orders are being shipped out daily. I'm so excited to start wearing my own pieces from the collection. We had our usual "spring fakeout" here in Portland, where it got really sunny and nice, but the past couple of days have been the usual - rainy, rainy.

Many exciting things are happening this spring. My birthday is on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends and relaxing.

I'm going to be releasing the Fall '10 collection in the next week as well. I'm a bit behind schedule getting everything ready - needless to say it's been a stressful few months. I think its for the best though, because I'm planning for very exciting things for Spring '11, and don't want to create more work than I can handle before that.

What I'm really excited about, is the annual fashion show put on by the Portland Mercury. It will be happening May 7th at the Bossanova. Because it's a "between seasons" show, I'll be combining some pieces from my Spring '10 and Fall '10 collections. I think the most important thing is to show Portlanders garments that they can buy NOW, not a season from now. I'm also creating a few new pieces to round things out!

Here are some photos inspiring me as I get ready for the show:

Also, I started another blog with my friend and MUA for my photo shoots, Clarity. Its street style, thrift store finds, and other things that we love. You can find it here.

Images courtesty of WeHeartIt and Them Thangs and Fashion Gone Rouge.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today's post is a short one - I just wanted to share this Einsturzende Neubauten video I came across last night. I had never seen the video for this song before, it's quite amazing. Especially Blixa Bargeld's slightly creepy dancing. This song is from their album Tabula Rosa, released in 1993. Enjoy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Day Ever...

On Wednesday I took some time out from my massive to-do list to head out to Breitenbush Hot Springs with my bff Clarity. I've been shipping out orders like crazy and getting ready to launch my fall '10 collection, as well as dealing with a lot of personal stress, so the soak in the springs was much needed. Breitenbush is really cool, I would love to go back and stay there for a few days in one of the cabins. It reminds me of 70's hippie summer camp - the "lodge" had all kinds of folk art on the walls and they only serve vegetarian food there.

It was raining lightly while we were there, which felt really good when we were in the soaking pools. I love Oregon. We're so lucky and spoiled here to have such natural beauty all around us and to have places like Breitenbush so close to the city. The drive home was not quite as awesome though, because Clarity and I were both totally zoned out and relaxed, and that isn't the best state of mind to be in on a dark, windy road in the rain. We listened to Joni Mitchell on the way home, which couldn't have been more perfect.

Now, it's back to the grindstone! Images from WeHeartIt and scans from the book "Quilting & Patchwork" that I found at Goodwill recently.