Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are the Happy Haus.

We definitely have much to be happy about this week at the Reif Haus. On Friday, May 7th we'll be showing alongside 10 other talented Portland designers at the annual Mercury fashion show.

I'll be showing mostly pieces from our Spring '10 collection, along with a few new garments to round things out, including an evening gown! I want to give the viewer a glimpse of what was inspiring me when designing this collection. For me inspiration is a very general statement, and I'll often start with one direct inspiration and when the collection is finished it that inspiration only is visible on a subtle level. So this time around I'm pulling out all the stops and letting Portland know what's up.

Karen Vitt from the Neat Sheet did a nice write-up of the show which is available here.

Here is a little hint of what is in store:

See you on Friday!

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