Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Content 09: Photos, Pt. 1

My digital camera recently suffered an unfortunate death after an entire bottle of water spilled in my bag. I haven't been without a camera for a long time, and while I am not the best photographer, I've missed it dearly! Particularly last weekend, during Content '09, where 37 of Portland's most talented designers took over the second floor of the Ace Hotel.

I not only wanted documentation of my own room, but also some of my favorite things from the other designer's rooms. I was so proud of everyone who participated - the event went off without a hitch (at least none that I know of) and all of the designers involved pulled out all of the stops on their rooms. It was amazing!

Here are some photos of my room, I know that there are more that were taken by friends, but I have yet to shake them down for the photos.

As you may have already guessed, the room had a very cosmic theme. I have been watching a lot of episodes of Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and that was definitely my main inspiration for the room. I wanted to tie the Universe into sustainability, and with a little help from my housemate, Manot, I was able to convey that message. In case you can't read what the big black sign says, here it is:

We are children of the universe with a chance to move FASHION FORWARD; to enhance life using SUSTAINABLE fabrics and TIMELESS designs, meant to last. We are particles of the past dressing parties of the future.

I also took several quotes from Sagan himself, and made smaller signs which hung around the room:

We are star stuff

The sky calls to us

Hello from the children of planet earth.

I also had a projection of stars exploding, as well as original music by my boyfriend and band Mori.

On the bed were some throw pillows that I made myself - I'm really proud of them! The goal was to recreate some of my favorite images of Nebulae from the Hubble Site. I did this with a combination of bleach and fabric paint.

The idea for this originally came when I was trying to do an "acid wash" technique to a t-shirt. I put straight bleach in a spray bottle, then sprayed it on the fabric. The bleach took a few minutes to develop, and the result reminded me of stars. The most condensed part of the bleach was in the center, and the area around it have various shades of pinkish-orange. For the throw pillows, I diluted fabric paint to create the greens, blues and purples found in the nebulae, and then accented some of the "stars" with white fabric paint. I am really happy with the result - these photos don't do them justice. I'm thinking of putting them up on etsy - what do you think?

Photo info:

1. The lovely Amanda (hair/mua and model) Photo by Chilhood Flames

2. Candid shot of the room during, before the madness began. Photos by Minh Tran

3. My Intern, Anna, waiting for the doors to open.

4. Mia, my favorite model, wearing some new designs.

More photos soon!




Anonymous said...

i love these pillows!
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Lindsey said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sophie! I will check out your blog.

Genevie said...

Bleach + starry effect = Great idea!