Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's new in '09!

We've been BUSY the past few weeks at the Reif Haus.

Currently we're working on samples for our upcoming Fall/Winter 09 collection, which is scheduled to be ready in early February. This season will be featuring drape-y sleeves and details inspired by the art deco movement. Fall 09 will debut at the Sweet F.A. Fashion Show in Portland on February 22nd.

Spring 09 garments will be ready in about a month, so you can look forward to some new threads, and we have some new stores as well. For those on the east coast, check out our Spring collection at Vagabond in Philadelphia, and here in Portland at Radish Underground.

Reif has two amazing interns working with us for the next couple of months - Mischelle and Ariel! They have already been an immense help around the studio.

I just dropped of some dandy tuxedo dresses at Sword+Fern in Portland, or they are available on my etsy site as well. Also, Sword+Fern has some handpicked vintage pieces for sale from my personal collection. If you haven't already been to Sword+Fern, go check out the beautiful collections of jewelry, pottery, clothing, and knick knacks that owner Emily Baker has in her shop.

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