Friday, May 23, 2008

First Photoshoot

Yes!  I have finally completed my fall/winter collection and the photoshoot is complete.  It was such a motivating experience.  I feel like I've been working for so long to get this line launched, and once I saw the clothes on the models I felt like my hard work payed off.  

Here are some lessons that I've learned in the past month, as crunch time for getting my collection finished drew near....

    1) Trying to dye things by hand is hard work.  The one drawback to using sustainable fabrics is that they generally only come in one color - natural.  This means that you have to have the garments dyed professionally or try to do it yourself.  I did a couple of test  batches in my washing machine, which seems to produce the most even results, but I just couldn't get the colors that I wanted.  Then, on the brink of achieving near color perfection, my washing machine broke!  I looked down at my feet to see a puddle of blue water inching toward my sewing room.  It seems the washing machine was leaking from the bottom.   With the photoshoot only a day away, I made an emergency trip to the fabric store.  So much for that idea!  

     2) Finishing samples for the photoshoot at 7:15pm when you need to be on location at 8:00pm is such a great idea.  If I can procrastinate, I will, especially when it comes to deadlines.  I got all 6 styles finished, although not perfect, and they looked great on the models, but the amount of stress that I experienced trying to get everything done took a toll on me.  I won't procrastinate like that again, that's for sure!

Tomorrow I'll be going through the photos with my photographer and hopefully I'll have some to post.  Move over, Prada!

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